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Promoting a cervical cancer-free society and making cervical cancer a thing of the past


To extend cervical cancer screening services to all women at an affordable cost by early identification and referral for first line treatment of women with precancerous cells through incentivized group transportation, and partners with philanthropy organizations for extensional support.

Our Team

She Screens Uganda Initiative Ltd was founded by Nabunnya Naimat following the agonizing death of her mother to advanced stage cervical cancer after which she pledged to fight cervical cancer till her last breath. Naimat's vision was enhanced by her colleague Nakonge Martha Dearn who developed interest in this field through their work practice in clinical settings. Altogether, She Screens Uganda receives the support of full-time and part-time staff members. Aside the two founding members, our full time staff include; a clinician, nurses, village health team members, monitoring and evaluation officer, accountant and lawyer. Currently, we also have three volunteers supporting the cause of our activities. 

Looking to the Future

Our long-term vision is to promote a cervical cancer-free society and to make cervical cancer a thing of the past. We expect to scale to all regions of Uganda beginning with the central region. With your continued support, we expect to continue to offer free cervical cancer screenings especially to underserved areas far from treatment centers.This shall reduce the deaths resulting from late diagnosis of disease. 

We partner with philanthropic for extensional support to reach out, sensitize, identify (through screening with VIA) and refer more women with pre-cancerous cells to first line treatment centers for further management. 

Current Location:

Bulenga, Wakiso District, Kampala-Uganda